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I Never Wanted This (Chapter 49)

 Chapter 49 - Exodus
'Come my love,
Let us leave this place of death.
There is life awaiting us,
O'er the next hill,
Where we can live *free*.'


Noise was rising when Ororo woke, Kurt was still here, wrapped around her body, his blue skinned face looking so peacefilled that she really didn't want to move him. Yet the urging of her bladder told she had to move *now*, disentangling herself from his embrace Ororo smoothed down her rumpled clothing and went outside into the noise.

There were more trucks, more people and the kids were moving into their waiting maws, people were arriving and leaving. Emma was there, hair tied back; a clip board dangling in one hand and she didn't notice Ororo watching for a while. Ro' looked at the people who were taking kids, they left in groups of five, two teenagers and three younger members. The adults looked a little rough for her liking but who was she to judge? Her own skills at knowing who to trust were faulty, putting her head down she moved toward the latrine not seeing Emma's face turn to follow her footsteps with a small frown covering her face.

Ro' reached the latrines, used the facilities and was coming out when she saw Rogue approaching, she felt torn between avoiding her and confronting her. In the end she stood still as Marie came ever nearer, when she was close enough to talk to without being overheard Ro' spoke.
"Why Rogue, why did he have to do it that way?"

Marie's gaze pierced Ro' through, her eyes were blazing as she stood up straight, pulling her arms across her ample chest. Her voice measured and calm as she answered the accusation, "How else would ya've liked it Ro'?" The tone of her voice was even and Ro' felt her own temper flare as her ex-student faced her down.
"With some semblance of DIGNITY!" Ro's voice carried over the open ground and several groups looked over for a moment. Marie for her part just cocked her head to the side and took a good breath, sensing the anger and rage that was spilling from the woman in front of her.
"Really? That what ya wanted Ro? Dignity for a man that's been keepin' ya in the dark fer so long that ya hair turned white."

The slur on her appearance had Ro' moving back a step as Marie geared herself up, opening her arms as she felt the weight of the blades in her body increase. "Ah did what was *necessary* Ro', Ah was *forced* to choose between being a puppet or a person. All that Ah was given from Xavier was lies," Marie opened her bare hands toward Ro' and saw her back off. "See Ro' there's things ya don't know about me, things that only Xavier knew about me an he didn't tell me." Quick as a snake Marie grabbed Ro's cheek with her bare hand and Ro' froze expecting to be drained in an instant. When it didn't happen her eyes went to the pale skinned hand and arm that was still holding her cheek. Mouth opening to speak when Marie beat her to it, "See Ro' he KNEW Ah could control it, that Ah'd work it out eventually, that all it took was someone who'd be willin to help meh. But what did he evah do to help meh?" Her voice thickening as her emotions began to rise in her throat.

"That fucker deserved nothin'! He kept me apart, tol' me Ah'd never be able to touch, never be able to love, never be able to have *kids*, that Ah was a *RISK* to everyone and everythin' at the school." Her eyes glittered dangerously as she pulled herself closer to Ro', letting her skin soak in the thoughts of the woman she'd once called 'friend'. Seeing her thoughts about her, her wildness, the way she'd been sullied by Logan's influence and her unwillingness to see the truth or even admit her part in it all.

Snorting Marie let Ro' go, her fingerprints still visable on her skin, looking at the woman in front of her and realising that she was just as lost as one of the kids. "See Ro' Ah CAN control it, Ah'm not a child anymore, never was if the truth be known. Evah since Logan saved me that day, when Sabertooth took me to be a new *toy*. Ah've been different, been seperate, I was bein forced to choose between Logan and suicide Ro', who the fuck are ya'll to judge me for choosin' life?!" Marie began to force herself closer and closer to Ro' her voice dropping into a rumble as her knuckles itched for release. Finally when she couldn't take it anymore she fired the bone blades into the still air between them seeing Ro's face ashen as she raised them up between them.

"Ah can see what ya think of me Ro' an to honest Ah don't give a fuck, Ah stopped thinking about what ya'll thought the day Ah went after Logan. Ya remember that? The day he went out to *kill* an enemy of Xaviers? All the other times he went out an ya knew where he was goin, come on Ro' admit it, ya knew what he was doin an fer who. Come on Ro' admit it, say it or Ah'll MAKE YA!" Marie raised a claw filled hand toward her, a snarl on her lips. For Ro' everything slowed down as she tried to pull energy toward her but found there wasn't enough after the storm of last night. Helpless Ro' moved backwards, seeing the angry form of Marie plunging a claw filled hand toward her body. It halted millimetres from her skin, piercing the cloth of her clothing but just scraping the darkness of her skin.

Marie's eyes were burning into her own and she could see them burning into her own mind, making her see all the things she'd seen. All the times she'd told Rogue to be careful, all the times she segregated her from everyone else. Every comment about her clothing, about her friendship with Logan, about her lack of care for others around her. Tears rose unbidden in her dark eyes as Marie pulled the claws away, Marie's voice tight and cold as she unwound herself.
"See Ro' Ah'm NOT an animal, neither is Logan. Sabertooth was an animal, he just did what he did for fun, Logan he did all those things for that bastard to keep me alive. Because ya don't think for one second that Xavier wouldn't have given me over to that furry fuck if it'd gotten him what he wanted do ya? Shit Ro' ya were there with Kitty an me! YA SAW IT FER YERSELF!" That shout had everyone looking over at the pair of them, Ro' on her back foot hand at her mouth.

It was the final straw, there was nowhere left to hide from the truth, Xavier had been a manipulator, a killer, a secret tyrant working to build a world where he was in charge, a beneficent leader, a totalitarian who would brook no dissent to his 'order'. Bile hot and bitter filled Ro's mouth, clutching her stomach Ro' pushed past Marie. Her body reacting to the shock of the truth after all her denials were lost, after Marie had made her face what she *knew* to be the truth. That she as well as Jean and Scott had been helping a murderer, Marie didn't smile in her triumph she just stared out at the assembled faces. Her stance telling everyone that she didn't want or need their interference. This wasn't over and she didn't need an audience.


Emma turned back to her clipboard, seeing Marie stood there, her anger burning away like the morning mist. Ro' would have some hard words to understand today but maybe it'd make her a better leader.
Seeing the checklist filling up with kids being helped onto different cars, trucks and vans. They'd be gone by the mid morning, lost on the vast roads out here. She figured they'd have a two day start before the military got into gear. Moving over to the main tent she saw Pieter and Kitty hunched over her laptop, when she entered fully Pieter waved her over. Kitty's head popped up and her eyes were shining brightly, fear showing as she flicked the screen round so Emma could read the news that covered the screen.

'Massacre at Xavier's School for the Gifted a military campaign, evidence tampered with and destroyed. Several New York Crime Scene Investigators missing, evidence being flooded to the internet, photographs, physical human evidence destroyed. See attached link for further details.'
Emma scanned the page then flicked onto the link, a picture of a dark haired man sat in a chair loaded up. Behind him was a sea, the waves slack but the colour was muted, in a calm even tone he gave a report about his findings. What he'd been *told* to omit, that his people had been threatened by the National Security Agency. That even now they would be trying to deny their findings, that there had been three attacks on the School. One was a private force of which there had been one casualty that had been left in the underground section of the school.

The second had been The Brotherhood, then finally the US military, several bullet casings were raised to the screen. The man who was speaking told that there were more than these out there, his people had scattered to the world. That the truth had to come out, that they were no longer comfortable covering up military actions on mutants.

The man put the shells down on his knee, he told the screen that he knew the consequences of his actions, all of his team did. Emma watched as the man smoothed down his shirt and faced the screen head on, his voice filled with fear as he gave his name to finish the report.
"I, Detective Mac Taylor give this report to the world to use and recognise as the evidence that it is. Several pieces of evidence are being sent to foreign labs to be checked and rechecked. My own personal safety isn't important, what is important is that you the world have been lied to. There is a military campaign going on in the United States of America, one that is insidious and terror fuelled. If you choose not to beleive me or my colleagues that is *your* decision and your conscience. The truth is here in black and white it's upto you to see it." The image froze at the end, keeping a picture of Taylor on screen. His face lined and his eyes boring a hole through the screen, whatever he'd found out about the truth it had scarred him.

Emma turned to her people who'd stopped to hear the news, the radio was filled with the report and the others like it that were appearing on the internet. Someone had let the cat out of the bag and now they had to scramble to shut it again.
"GO! MOVE! Get yourselves going, grab what you can, leave what we don't need for the journey!" Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, the fucking humans screwed it up again. Seeing her people running Emma knew she had to change her plans, Logan and his lot would have to go it alone. She couldn't risk revealing her network to the military might that would follow this revelation. Gritting her teeth Emma went to find him.


Marie waited for Ro' to recover, when she looked half decent again she grabbed Ro's arm and dragged her to the tent she was using. Kurt was just making the bed when they both entered, he was about to leave when Marie stopped him. "Don't, Ah need someone here." Kurt nodded and perched on the end of the bed again as Ro sat down, her face a little peaky and her body shuddering.

Silence reigned for a while, the atmosphere slowly building until Ro' lifted her head to look at Marie, seeing her as she really was. A girl who'd been weaponised, turned into a 'thing' not a human being and she'd been helping it happen. Every time she'd treated her differently she'd added to her misery, every time she'd made her cover up even the smallest piece of skin. Dressed head to foot she'd still made sure that Rogue had been on the outside of the groups she'd led just in case.

In case of what? That her skin could suddenly work through cloth? That she might for some reason bare her skin and purposefully drain someone when she didn't want to hurt herself and those around her. It had been too easy to mark Rogue as the 'bad apple', to see her as too much of a responsibility. It had been easy to let Logan take her friendship, to allow someone who was in himself dangerous look after her.

Only now when her mind was clear, that she was no longer seeing her as the 'thing' Xavier had wanted her to did she see Rogue. The survivor, the woman filled with hope, with love, a person who knew what they were capable 'of' and was comfortable with it. Looking at the woman stood in front of her she saw the similiarities she shared with Logan, her eyes, so full of purpose, clean and clear. Her body honed by hard work not by weights in a plush gym, she looked like she'd survive anything. While she had forgotten more about her own survival than she could remember. When she'd been small she'd seen the women of her village, they had the same look in their eyes that Rogue had now. She'd seen death, even handed it out herself but it was hope she was handing now, hope that Ro' could see past her own faults and get off her knees.

Marie could see a clarity coming into Ro's eyes, as if she'd suddenly found strength from somewhere. Not knowing that Ro' was remembering her mother, the way she'd stood between her and the elders who'd wanted to drive her out of the village. Her mother had stood her ground, taken the blows that had been meant for her, defended her even from her father. Only when she'd been dropped by a blow to her temple had she fallen, her voice telling her to run to the river. To get away, to take a boat, any boat but not to come home, not where she was in danger.

Seeing the same strength in Rogue's gaze Ro' realised what decisions the girl who'd been the pariah had made to change into the warrior that was in front of her. She'd had a hand in her creation, been on the side of those that had left her to die in isolation. Standing up Ro' held out her hand to Rogue, her voice shallow but her words heartfelt. "Thank you," tears were beginning to swim at the edges of her eyes, as they fell Marie gripped the hand she'd been offered. Letting her powers drain the surface of her mind, seeing a woman with dark hair, ebony skinned, white toothed and smiling. The feeling of love filling her as the image flooded her mind, Ro's mother, the strength she showed defending her from those who would hurt her. Cutting the flow of images Marie focussed on the woman who was in front of her, not the X-Man, not the teacher who'd scolded her for baring an arm.

"He deserved worse Ro' an ya know it too." Ororo nodded, the truth finally laying at her doorway and making her choose to stand or fall. She was her mothers daughter and she'd stand, there were others who needed her attention and now they had no governing angel to get them what he wanted, when he wanted it.
Ro' opened her mouth and Marie just put her fingers to her lips, stopping the words. "NO, don't ya dare say it. Maybe when ya've been away fer a while but not now." Marie could see the woman in front of her understand why she'd stopped her saying the two words that would mean nothing right now. Only when Ro'd been living free for a while would she understand how much she'd imprisoned her soul.

Kurt had been silently watching but he turned when Kitty came through the tent flaps. "Ororo, your transports here, the kids are ready to go. We've got to hussle, things have taken a turn for the worse." Every eye was on Kitty as she led the way out to the transport, her voice telling them of the news that was now filling the airwaves.


"WHAT?!" Logan was steaming, his blood pressure had just skyrocketed when Emma told him the news. Some do-gooder twit had just signed their death warrants, the evidence was out now, people knew that they'd survived. Now they'd search for them all, money would grease tongues and keep eyes sharp.

Logan had been packing their stuff up, taking what he thought they'd need, just him and Marie but now Emma was telling him she couldn't risk taking the rest of the adults with her. Ororo was already on her transport heading out of there with Kurt, they'd be going north, then across the ice sheet to Greenland, from there to Iceland and finally Eire before Africa. That left him with Pete, Kitty, Hank, Jubilee and Marie, Emma handed over a piece of printout, an address in Little Fort British Columbia.
"There's a land deed waiting for pick up there, under the name of Fowler. Shouldn't be hard to get a peice of id showing that name for you Logan. The land is in the north of the state somewhere near Fort Nelson, middle of nowhere Logan, perfect to hide in if you can stand the cold."

Emma was expecting him to shout at her, to go into a rage but secretly he was pleased, he didn't want the responsibility of the kids. They were too many for him to deal with, a small group of adults on the other hand...they might make it if they stayed off the radar. A set of keys were thrown at him and he caught them, looking at the design it was one he knew. Emma was smiling at him as she walked away and Logan knew it'd probably be the last time he ever saw her alive again.
"Hey." Emma stopped dead and turned back to look at him, her face half covered by her hair that was blowing in the wind. It had been a risk allowing him and Marie here, she knew what he was capale of and yet she'd not refused him help. Emma narrowed her eyes to the glare of the sun as she looked into the sky.
"Better get your ass in gear Logan, suns almost at midday, your gonna need all the headstart you can get." Her smile lit the air for a moment before she turned away leaving him wishing he'd had the chance to tell her how much he appreciated her help. As his hands felt the keys in his hand a voice of silk wove through his thoughts, gentle and caressing. "I already know Logan, now get your wife out of here before they find us."

Smiling he picked up their stuff and walked back to where Marie had gone to sort out her own world. They'd be moving fast and he hoped the rest of them were packed because as soon as the key in his hand went into that trucks ignition they were gone.


Marie waved Ro' off, the kids with her already silent as if they knew what lay ahead, a long journey that they might not even make to the end. But they'd try their best and if need be Kurt would do it by transporting them on his back.

Hands wrapped themselves around her middle and squeezed, making her body purr and her face smile, a heavy head dropped against her neck and whispered into her skin. "Ready?"
"Uh-huh sugar, Ah'm always ready." Pushing her rear back into his groin, Emma waved to them from the tent that was now coming down. They'd been here six days, too long for Logan's liking but they'd had no choice. Now they were free to go, Jubes and Hank were laready loading the truck with supplies when Pieter and Kitty arrived. Kitty was lugging a large black case that had been in the tent, Logan took one look and was about to veto it when Kitty spoke.
"Don't bother Logan, this is a necessity, we're going to need power and this will give us it." Her hand slapped the top of it and her face had a look that he'd never seen on it before. "*This* is a portable powerstation, trickle fed solar panels that will work in *any* amount of light ambient or starlight. So unless you fancy me having my baby by firelight I suggest you help me find a spot for this."
Suitably told Logan lifted the weight easily and put it at the bottom of the truck and Pieter loaded food and fuel on top of it. Looking at the big man he whispered to him, "You'd better watch that one, seems like she'd be a little too much trouble to have around." Pieter just snorted and smiled, his satisfied scent filling the air around him. It looked like Pieter would put up with a lot of nagging for what he was getting in return.

Marie was strapping things down also when she caught his eye, her hair was tied up in a plait as she worked and Logan looked at the three women that were now going over the route map with Hank. Hank had his overalls and he did look human if you didn't see his ears, their voices had a lightness to them now. As if movement was all on their minds, the distance between them and the place where Xavier had died wasn't enough for anyone. As soon as the loading was finished Logan got in the driving seat, Marie next to him and Pieter on her other side. Hank was stuck between Jubilee and Kitty, both women were discussing how they'd manage the new baby. And Logan couldn't help but notice the sharp look of jealousy that crept into Marie's face as they set out. She might have killed one enemy but there were still things she had to deal with, same as him.

Turning the truck onto the road they didn't see Emma's hand raise but they did catch her thoughts wishing them luck.

Soon the land was empty, nothing was left behind, only a few wrappers and burnt edges of ground. When everyone had long gone the original residents returned, snuffling through the empty places and flattened ground. Seeing the burrow clear of interference again the wolverine began digging it out. It made a good trap for unwary prey, lost cubs and lonely wolves, he'd even sit in it and ambush what came by if need be. This had been his home before the humans had been here and it's be his long after they'd gone. Digging his sharp claws into the earth he made his home deeper, able to take a family if need be. Females were wandering now and he was going to be sure he snagged at least three this year. Turning his sharp little head to the wind his sensitive nose brought the smell of more humans, their scent mixed with metal and oil. Growling to himself he hid deep in the earth and waited, he had patience, he could wait until they left and if they came too close....well it was in his nature to defend what was his.
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