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I Never Wanted - Chapter 52

Chapter 52 - Parting of the ways
Rating - PG
'Are you sure this is the way?
The metal tracks that glitter in frost,
Are you sure this is the way home?
I'm so lost I cannot even see my feet.'


Next morning found the truck already waiting and purring for them when Marie and Logan surfaced at ten am, breakfast was already being cleared away in the small kitchen. Sweet rolls, bacon, eggs, strong coffee and hot chocolate was quickly shoved into their hands on warmed plates. The smell of roasting deer meat filled the rest of the kitchen as Hank seared the what was left of it. His large face smiling as he saw their gaze drop to his hands that were quickly arranging the meat into layers on crusty rolls.
"Picnic food, pressed cold deer and salad," it smelled good already and Logan had to restrain himself from just plucking his snadwich from the pile.

Everyone looked so much better, even Kitty looked like she had some colour in her face now. Jubilee was handing her a packet of ginger cookies which Kitty ripped into and began sucking on the sweet treat. Chirpy wasn't in it when she slapped Logan on the back making him spill some of his coffee onto his now empty plate.
"Come on slow pokes, I'm driving this shift we should reach Rainbow Lake in a few hours if we get going now." Marie made for the bathroom and used it, coming out with the towels and soap that had been in the bathroom. Jubilee looked at her as if she were doing something wrong, it was only when Marie put them in her bag did she answer the look she was getting from everyone but Logan.
"Trace evidence, leave nothing ya don't want your fingerprints on."

There was a sudden flurry of movement as everyone suddenly began to clean, Kitty returned with bleach and swabbed every surface she could get to and poured a good amount in the bath and dumped everyones sheets into the bath, leaving when they were thoroughly soaked through. Wiping her hands on her jeans Kitty hugged Pieter and the big man smiled warmly as he took the bleach bottle from her.

Soon High Level was a memory and before they hit the tiny town of Rainbow Lake he set out his plan to them all. Not everyone was happy about it but it did make sense not to risk everything on a risky situation. They waited until lunch before they discussed the plan, each of them letting the news got through them. It would mean seperating them, breaking up their group and it was a risk parts of them didn't want to attempt but if it worked.....


"Right, I want Pieter to take the rest of you to Fort Nelson by rail, me and Hank here'll go after the deeds." He took a huge bite out of his food and chewed with obvious pleasure, the words he used were sparse but there was another reason for him taking Hank with him. Hank was an obvious mutant and as such he caused the biggest danger to the group. Marie was quiet until she nudged Logan and saw his gaze drop onto Kitty, Marie raised her head to look at Kitty who was munching quietly on her own salad filled sandwich.
"Make sure she eats better Marie, she needs the meat." Seeing Logan's concern riding high in his gaze he looked deep into her eyes his fingers brushing her skin as he whispered to her so that she was the only one who heard him. "Keep them *safe* Marie, hide if need be. Don't risk anything." The slight movement of her head told him she understood him, she could survive and she would make sure that the rest of them did as well. She'd do as she was told, they'd get themselves up to Fort Nelson when they reached Clearwater. Taking a route that no-one who had a car would ever take in late summer, they'd look like tourists, just out for a jaunt along the line before flying home.

"You'll need money." Logan looked around the rest of them and knew their funds were nearly gone as were his own. What they'd had had been used up getting this far, Marie looked through him and she shook her head at him as she wiped her hands clean of crumbs.
"No, you're not goin' out to get beaten to a pulp. We'll do it on our own." Logan was about to argue when he caught the flash of his own anger seething under the surface of her gaze. Smirking he pulled her into a kiss and everyone had the sense to look away for a moment.
"K' you win."

When they set off again, Kitty was in the front seat, chewing on a ginger biscuit with Jubilee and Marie next to her. They were discussing plans to get money, Kitty was trying to convince them not to rob anywhere and get themselves noticed. It was Kitty herself who actually came up with the suggestion that she could just steal the tickets if someone distracted the ticket office staff. A few minutes later they had a workable plan and Logan knew they'd make it okay to Fort Neslon. Turning his own attention to Hank and Pieter Logan began making his own plans.


Rainbow Lake was a memory of a small town that passed in less than thrity seconds, on their way to Clearwater they passed into British Columbia. The ground changed again into old growth forest and the terrain took on a mountainous feel again. Clearwater had a rail station and a decent amount of what looked like tourists passing through, pulling up as evening was beginning to fall. Logan got the women ready to leave, pulling their packs off the truck he handed them out, Jubilee was saying her own goodbye to Hank in the back seat of the truck. Kitty looked at Logan and she suddenly rushed at him, gripping him tight to her. Salt suddenly filling his nose as she sniffled into his shirt, Pieter was stood next to Marie as he gently put his arm around Kitty. Letting himself breathe as she let him go, she didn't look up at him she just went into the station. Marie didn't even look as Jubilee stepped out of the truck looking a little dishevelled. Jubes just took Peiters arm and their packs and walked without looking back.

This hurt, knowing he was making her leave, making her take care of Kitty when she wanted to be with *him*. Whimpers left her throat and he caught them, moving fast he caught her as she leapt at him. Wrapping her legs around his waist she didn't care if someone saw them right now. She needed this from him as much as he needed her to do it. Whispering into his skin and his lips before kissing him long and deep, "Ya better come to me Logan, cos before this years out Ah want t' be like Kitty bck there." Her words made his heart swell and he pulled her into his groin, grinding her against him, making his body fill with her scent of want and need.

It was only Hank opening the window that made him release her, they had to get going, they had documents to get. Once they had them, they were free and clear, the land would be theirs and then life would be better. Marie walked backward until she had to turn, her eyes had been locked onto his and he hadn't blinked or looked away once. He didn't want it to go this way either but they had no choice, Hank was a danger to them all until they were out in the wilderness. Taking him along with him he'd be better equipped to deal with things, seeing Marie go inside the station he finally turned and got back into the truck. Turning the engine over he pulled out of the station and set their goal for Fort Nelson, if they kept going they'd be there by lunchtime.

Marie watched the pair of them drive away as Jubilee began her distraction and Kitty slid into the ticket office. Re-appearing a few moments later with a handful of money, quickly counting it they had about fifteen thousand. Marie bought four singles to Fort Nelson on the evening train, they'd be leaving in thrity minutes to arrive in Fort Nelson at six in the evening. It was only going to be a night away from each other but she had a bad feeling about it. One she hoped she'd be able to shake the nearer they got to their goal.


Hank moved to the front to take over as Logan got some rest, they'd driven all night while he'd been sleeping in the back. Nothing had interrupted their route, the way had been clear so far as he'd been aware but now they were coming up on the outskirts Hank pulled over and woke Logan.
"Logan, Logan we're nearly here. Do you still want me to drive or would you prefer if I hid in the back?" Logans eyes widened as the light narrowed his pupils back to normal. They were a disturbing shade of amber this morning and Hank felt his own rumble leave his throat as he caught the undercurrent in Logan's scent. They were two alpha males, both powerful and strong, obviously they'd be the undercurrent of powerstruggles between them. Hank moved away first and slid out of the passenger side door and into the vacated back seat. Wrapping the still warm balnket around his shoulders and hunkering down Hank let Logan drive them to the place they needed to be.

Emma had given him the impression of the place he needed, a post office box within a group of others. There was usually a person who oversaw the boxes but if he waited they'red be others who used the place. He had his own set of 'keys' and he'd have to spring the lock but it wasn't something he hadn't done before. Hank was watching he roadway from his blanket covered seat in the back, as soon as the place got busy Logan left the truck.

Jubilee was stretching out her body, the luggage was sat on the platform along with Pieter and Kitty, Marie was stood watching a group of men up from them. Her body tense and her hands bunched into fists, Jubilee went over to touch her shoulder and came face to face with a harpy like gaze.
"Geez woman, pms much!" The light tone made her lose a little agitation but not much, Marie kept one eye on the group as she turned to pick up her stuff. Speaking out of the corner of her mouth she met Jubilee's quick eyes.
"Yeah maybe, but they stink of blood Jubes, an Ah don't mean deer." Jubilee snapped her eyes to the men and looked at their shoes, her breath snorting through her pursed lips.
"G.I Joe's, look at the footwear." Marie did as she was asked, their shoes shone like stars in the night and she looked back at Jubes, her friends face quirking as she smiled as she hefted her bags. "They just don't get it do they, the mall cops undercover never knew how I knew who they were either." Plastering a fake smile on her face she dragged Marie away from the soldiers who were there for a reason, one she hoped wouldn't involve them anytime soon.


Logan stepped up to the box, his hand on the opposite side of the lock to hide what he about to do. A small amount of claw surfaced and he shredded the lock, pulling it out of the housing. Opening the now broken box he grabbed the documents that were waiting for him, slamming the thing shut he hoped the lock would look okay until someone tried to open it tomorrow. Keeping his back to the rest of the room he just shouldered through the doorway got into the truck and turned the key. Documents in hand he threw them into the back seat where Hank sat up and opened the envelope. A map, set of keys and deed title dropped into his large grip. Handing the map over to Logan Hank pocketed the keys and replaced the deed in it's envelope.

Weaving across the traffic Logan got his bearings and looked for the railtracks, seeing them he followed them into the centre of town. The small station already disgorging travellers into the honey coloured light that was falling as the sun began to dip below the mountains.

Peiter was the first thing he saw, his head above everyone elses, then Marie and Kitty finally Jubilee who was arguing with her bags. Seeing them all Logan breathed a sigh of relief, but the look in Marie's eyes told him to stay still. His hands gripped the wheel of the truck and he soon saw the reason why, seven soldiers walked out of the station. Straight into the arms of their waiting families, words about Afghanistan and Iraq filled the air around them. As soon as they walked away Marie approached the truck, her face showing her relief. Throwing their things into the back everyone got in again, Marie taking the seat next to Logan. Her voice trembling a little as she spoke to him, "Ah thought for a moment...." Hanks hand came over the back fo the seat and held her shoulder as she leant into Logan. The deep rich timbre of his voice settling her a little.
"Not everyone knows about us Rogue, theres other conflicts happening in the world, things that have nothing to do with us." Marie knew he was telling the truth but she still didn't feel safe here in a urban setting.

As if reading her mind Logan fired the engine and threw the map at Jubilee to read. "Get us home firework." Jubilee grinned at him her voice filled with happiness as her eyes scanned the paper in her hands.
"Sure thing Wolvster!"

He let it slide, she'd gotten Marie back to him safely, he owed her a little slack here an there. Logan pulled back out of the station following Jubilees instructions, passing the post office where a confused employee was wondering how someone had vandelised one of the boxes while he was there.
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