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A Moment

Logan Fic
One Shot piece
Post X3 (yes I know I hated the movie too)
Rating - PG
He's been quiet over the last few days, just thinking, moving through the hallways like he owned the place. It had taken a few days for him to realise that he was acutally on the deeds to the place. Something that had even surprised Ororo, yet it hadn't surprised Marie.

When the will had been read for those to hear who wanted to she'd been sitting in the corner of the large room, her gloved hands folded neatly in her lap. As Southern as she ever was dressed in the formal black of her mourning. When the announcement had come through the air and he'd found himself looking around in surprise she'd met his gaze for a moment with a small smile. As if she'd known all along.

So here he was......



It disturbed him to think like have a home, a place where he was welcome because of the friendship he received and grudgingly gave out. Even Ororo was a little more friendly toward him now, not that she didn't know how to force her corner. Arguements with a woman who could control lightning was *never* a good idea with a metal lining to your bones. But he'd made his point well enough and the older kids were now mentoring the younger ones. Everyone had *someone*, not just the teachers here but someone nearer their own age who could help them when an adult was the last person you wanted to see.

Who knew he had it in him? Not him thats for sure, he'd always been a hard-assed, no nonsense man who took everything at face value. A few weeks living in the aftermath of Alcatraz had changed that, especially when Marie had just left Bobby to get on with his chasing of Kitty.

When he'd found out he was out for blood, he'd teach that little shit a thing or two about treating someone you care about with respect. He'd been all out for blood when he'd bumped into her, Marie just walking out of the library as if everything was normal in her life and her boyfriend of two years hadn't just dumped on her. He'd been about to launch into a strop when Marie had just put a gloved hand on his arm and steered him into the calm quiet of the shelves. Her head leaning to one side as she'd moved them through the silent space, finally resting at the windows that overlooked the gardens. She seemed calm, smelled it too and he was as confused as hell. All she'd said to him was, "Ah'm glad we're all okay now, it'll be hard rebuildin' but then it never was about hard work was it?" Her eyes had held more wisdom then than he had ever seen, not even Chuck could've matched her then. A slight smile on her lips and a light in her skin he'd never noticed before, even as her arm slid out of his she kept his gaze with her all the way to the door. Her eyes locked onto his heart as she made her way out, her last words ringing in his ears. "Don't hurt him Logan, Ah did enough of that mahself. After what they've been through Ah think they deserve a little happiness don't you?" Then she was gone, all his anger had gone, dissappated like dawn mist, leaving him with a sense that things weren't as he'd thought they'd been.

He didn't ask her, it wasn't in him to do that but they were closer, spent time just sitting, watching the world go by. The cure was still out there but it didn't last and Marie had told him she was glad she'd refused in the last moments. Preferring to be herself, to 'listen to her instincts' as someone had once told her. The smile in her words reaching his ears if not her lips, she seemed older somehow, more comfortable with herself. An the funny thing was was he. He didn't stalk anymore, didn't hunt down the corridors, didn't growl as much, didn't snap as much (except for those who deserved it). He was the Alpha male here and *everyone* knew it, even Ororo.

Now watching the sun sink below the horizon, the sound of kids shouting as they ran to dinner behind him he could finally understand what it had been all for. It had been for this, for peace, for a place where he could just *be* what he was without fear. His gaze sought her form out in the grounds, her hands covered in dirt as she weeded a bed next to Ororo. Sensing his gaze she lifted her head and smiled his way, the sight of it warming a part of him he thought wouldn't be ready yet. But by the looks of it he was, she didn't look away from him as she got up and wiped the dirt from her hands onto her jeans. He might have a share in the house and the trust fund but he had a feeling it'd take more than that to get a share of her heart. Because if he asked for it, he knew as sure as the sun rose tomorrow she'd give him all of her, good and bad. Thing was he wasn't sure if he could ask for something like her so soon after destroying someone he'd once cared for.

Carefully he let himself be led inside, her hands wrapped up in his shirt sleeves, careful as always yet she was able to bare them in public without panic now. She knew herself now and her doubts were being solved one by one. And as she drew Logan back inside the house he had to wonder if she had the same thing in store for him. To give him peace inside to match the one he'd found outside, in caring for people who needed him. But her, all she asked for was his presence, a little piece of permanence and each day even that got easier. Knowing she'd be there to welcome him with her old knowing smile, and when he was ready she'd be there. But for now they had their moments, little peices of calm at the end of the day.
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