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Read on and learn the heart of it all

Fanfic Archive of GH22
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Well this little space is for you to find out about me...well I've been writing fic for an age and I wanted to put some somewhere else other than gathering dust on the pc.

I'll ramble, be obscure and dark but I'll be honest about what I put on here. I love my fandoms (of which there are a few) and I love to write about the weird stuff of life, enjoying the oddments of life is one of the joys I find. I write because it purges the things I need to get rid of, not all of it is dark but it's fun stuff too as well as rip roaring sex (of both and any gender). Yes I'm broadminded but not into death or torture for pleasure, I do touch on these things in writing but not for fun, never for fun.

So if you fancy joining me on here, letting go of the pain and suffering in a positive way then come along and share. Just be aware that what you write and post here will always be yours.
bill bailey, comics (j'o barr), hugh jackman, nature, paganism, reading sci-fi (good sci-fi), shamanism, shlock horror (hammer horror), spaghetti westerns, trees, van helsing, werewolves, writing