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I Never Wanted - Chapter 41

weet blows the wind that brings summer on fragile wings,
too soon does winter come.
All knives and cruel sport in clouded mist,
too many fallen to his silvered blade.'

Kitty was watching the kids play, they seemed to bounce back pretty quick after the attack, their first night out of doors had been like it had never happened. That their home hadn't been destroyed, that they hadn't had to leave everything secure behind them.
Even now as they played it was team games, every single one of them included in the play. They'd become a family, one that still had it's problems but they were doing okay. Emma had arrived later, along with Ororo, they were talking now about the news that had been coming out of the radio and the small television they had.

Peiter was on patrol he'd taken some of the older kids and he was putting Logan's lessons to good use. Emma told them all they'd be staying here for at least a week before moving on. Holding her stomach Kitty knew that things had changed, her dreams of having a normal pregnancy and treatment went out the window when the first solider came through the grounds. Now it was a battle between the government and them, after all the arguements and missions Magneto had been right. It had become a war, only now the comabt was in front of the media.
A scream took her from her thoughts, getting up she ran over to where the kids were playing near a burrow, kids were scattering to all directions as she came over. There was something coming out of the burrow, dark fur stiped with a cream band around the rear end. Suddenly aware Kitty shouted to all the kids to get clear, several adults were now coming over, including Emma. When the kids were finally clear they all watched the creature come out of the burrow back-end first, they heard the deep throated growling even from their standpoint.

Short stocky legs powered into the ground as the animal pulled against something hidden in the burrow. Kitty's eyes widened as she realised exactly what it was, a wolverine, it's shoulders were free now and they could see the head of the creature swinging from side to side pulling something through the earth. Every kid was quiet, they were watching something they recognised, the power of it, the anger, the pure pugnaciousness of the thing as it pulled it's meal out of the hole. Finally free of the constricting tunnel it turned to see the crowd around it, eyes glittering it made a step toward them all, hair raised on it's back. Claws digging into the ground as it braced itself for the attack, Emma's voice was suddenly in everyones head. 'Drop your eyes everyone and back away, slowly.' They did it but Kitty kept her eyes on the creatures feet as she moved, the body it was dragging out was a wolf carcass. A youngster that had been killed recently, Kitty raised her eyes and met the gaze of the little killer. She recognised the look it gave her as the same one Logan had given the solider he'd taken into med bay. The wolverine licked it's wet jaws and pulled his prize away with him into the wilderness until all there was left was a bloodpool and drag marks.

It hit her then, that they'd stayed here all night while the battle for life and death had been going on beneath them. The children could have been injured by a half starved wolf, lucky for them Logan's namesake had been on it's trail. It might be smaller than the wolf but he'd made mincemeat of it, several kids had been watching it as well. Kitty turned her head to smile at them all, the kids were soon playing again but one walked upto her, mind trying to remember the childs name before she spoke to her. "It killed it didn't it?" Kitty's mind gave her a break, the childs name was Jenny and she could warp natural materials.
"Yeah he did, he must have been under there all night." Jenny nodded as she held out her hand to Kitty.
"Maybe," her small face looked out over the scrubland they were camping in, toward the large city to the south. "Do you think everyone got out safely?" Kitty didn't know what to say, should she lie or should she tell her the truth? They weren't stupid these kids, they knew that being different made them a target. Hell they'd seen the attack on their home and Kitty went for honesty.
"I don't know Jenny, maybe. We can hope they did, I know the news we've been getting isn't good but there's always a chance." Jenny nodded as she pulled hard on Kitty's hand making her look down into her face.
"Mr Logan will have, him and Miss Rogue will have," she looked to where the wolverine had gone into the wilds. "They're like him, they don't give up. Just like we won't."
Kitty smiled at that, that she'd put into words what she was feeling right now. Inside she knew Logan and Rogue were alive somewhere, she only hoped they'd catch up with them eventually. Turning them around she watched as Emma and Ororo gathered the children together for lunch, looking down at Jenny she saw her small face still looking out at the city.
"We'll be okay out here, we've got enough to last us for a while." When Jenny didn't answer her Kitty dropped to her knees so she could see her properly. "Jenny?"

Her face stopped looking at the city and she brought her gaze over to Kitty's, tears were standing proud in her eyes but she wasn't letting them fall. "What is it?" Jenny breathed in a hitching sob, before she could stop it a tear slipped free and rolled down her face.
"My mummy, she's still out there, back home. She doesn't know where I am, I haven't called her today or yesterday." The usual was suddenly gone, the routine that some children needed to cling to was gone, the phonecall to a parent that still cared was gone. The link to friends and family had been destroyed forever and they couldn't show themselves yet. Hugging Jenny to her Kitty found her own throat constricting, "It's okay Jenny, she'll know your okay, she trusted Xavier with you didn't she? She knew you'd be kept safe from everyone, thats why you came to us wasn't it?" Jenny nodded but her voice spoke again, echoing thoughts that she'd heard other children airing.
"But he wasn't a nice man was he?"
"Who? Xavier?" Jenny nodded, try as she might Kitty couldn't defend the man. She couldn't placate Jenny's fears with a lie. "No, he wasn't but we didn't know at first did we?" Jenny shook her head as the tears began to fall in earnest. Holding her to her Kitty felt her own begin to fall, her voice shaking as she spoke to the frightened child she held. "We got away, we got out and we're safe here, for a while at least. He can't hurt us anymore Jenny, he was a bad person but he thought he was doing things for the best of everyone." She brought Jenny's face round to see her own tears falling now. "But he was *wrong* Jenny, he was *wrong*." It was Jenny's turn to now hold out comfort for her, to realise that the man she'd once trusted with her life had done so much harm to her. She could let it go now, she could collapse, she could release all the pain, all the frustration she felt inside.

It was only when she felt the ground move out from under her that she noticed Peiter was carrying her, Jenny was holding her hand as it dangled from Peiters grip. The sun was shining, the world was still carrying on but for herself the world felt as if it had ended. Emma threw her a weak smile as she passed by with Peiter, Jenny let her go and rejoined her friends. Peiter took her into their tent and held her till the worst of her crying was over, finally when she'd finished he just wiped her eyes and kissed her sore lids. "Come on Katya, lets get you both some food." Nodding she let herself be led out again into the sunshine and the sound of happy children.

Emma had watched the interaction between Kitty and a child from Xaviers, they'd have more probelms soon when they met up with her own students. Seeing the wolverine had reminded her about the 'other' Wolverine they'd left behind them. Now that the border was closed she doubted anyone could get across it without incident. She'd been listening but as yet she hadn't heard about any mutant attacking the border yet. What was happening was that many were heading south, pouring into Mexico, the Mexican government had opened it's arms to the mutants. They'd be a welcome resource to their economy that had been struggling since the US had tightened restrictions on what they could and could not export.

Ororo was another questionmark, where did her loyalties lie? Would she expect to lead her group, or would she work in partnership? She'd scanned her mind lightly but as yet she hadn't come across anything that suggested she'd be a problem. But with her powers she could be a goddess and expect worship, killing anyone who didn't give her the proper respect she beleived she deserved. No she'd keep an eye on Ororo Munroe until she was sure she could be fully trusted with the future of the children they'd gotten out of the disaster that had been Xaivers.

Emma was still in thought when Shadow was at her side, "We might have a *problem*." Emma followed him to the tent where the radio and small television were playing. It was the television screen that was alive and showing the faces of children, all in photographs, lined up against a wall. Pulling back the words on a banner above read 'The Martyrs of Xavier's School for the Gifted', the faces of children that were now playing outside in the sunshine were plastered all over the news. The announcer was trying to compose themselves as they gave their opinion on the outpouring of grief happening around them. "Here at the small town of New Salem, we're seeing something that can only be described as a memorial wall. People from all over the state are coming here to pay condolences about the deaths at the hands of what is now being touted as a 'military operation' that went horribly wrong. An army spokesman earlier this morning had to answer to the arguements given by the media who had spoken to police officers who'd been there on the scene of the massacre." A picture flashed up on screen of the footage from yesterday and a policeman holding up a rifle round and a police issue bullet. The difference easy to see and the look in the policeman's eyes was one of sorrow and contempt surrounded by so mcuh death.

The announcer began again, "We have reports that the action was taken against direct orders to contain and subdue the mutant force known as 'The Brotherhood of Mutants'. The school was destroyed in the attack as were the residents of the school, as yet several families are still being reached about their children's deaths. This out pouring of grief is something that no-one expected to go as wide as it has." The screen flicked to show several other candle lit area's with people praying and laying flowers. "There's now a bill being discussed in the senate under emergency powers, the Mutant Registration Bill is being touted as a cure to the ills that caused this tragedy. If the mutants who caused this *had* been registered and known the deaths of so many innocents could have been avoided. We can only hope that the American public make their voices heard over the next few hours. Loud enough so the men inside the White House understand that it's time we stopped fearing the mutants among us and we finally pass the Bill that will afford everyone some freedom to be what they are. This is Justin Rumi for ABC News." The picture faded but the image of the banner was still on screen, Emma turned to look at Shadow who wore the same expression she did.

"Get all the adults in here now, grab the teenagers too, over 14 get em in here! GO!" Shadow left and began passing the message out, Emma collapsed into a chair. Things had just gotten worse, the children were being held up as martyrs. Those who had died in a horrible error, a mistake, but what would happen if it came out that they were still *alive*? She had some very good idea's, after all you could do anything to someone who was already dead couldn't you?
An army of mutant soliders all yours to do with what you pleased, there would be no out cry for someone who was already dead would there? Shaking she saw the first few walk in, wiping her face with her hands she let out a huge sigh.
The tent was full, around twenty adults and teenagers, a mixture of her own people and Xaviers. She looked over the expectant faces and wondered how the hell she was going to start.
"Things have just taken a turn for the worse, the media have it in their heads that no one survived the attack at Xaivers." She saw the disbelief run around the faces, the voices that quickly began to speak but were quietened by Ororo.
"We're legally dead?" The words stopped every other conversation and they all looked toward Emma, steeling herself for the mental backlash of emotion that would come from this she answered.
"Yes, to all intents and purposes you are all dead. Everyone from Xaciers school has been listed as killed by the actions of a over zealous commander who was sent to aid the residents of the school. The deaths of The Brotherhood are being lauded as a response to the danger they posed to *you*. You've been turned into martyrs and as we know a live martyr is no use to anyone."
Emma watched as Ororo, Peiter and Kitty paled as it sank in, they were dead, everything they had was gone, anyone they once knew was now out of limits. If they contacted them they'd be putting them and themselves in danger, they'd been used, just as Xaiver had used them. Turnabout is fairplay in this business and it wasn't an easy game to play in.

Emma cleared her throat as she scanned the shocked minds around her, "We have to get out plans ready, there's too many of us here and we'll be noticed if we don't split up soon enough."
Ororo interrupted, "There's not that many of us here."
"There will be soon, my own school has plans to meet up with us here in three days. When they do we'll be over two hundred, my kids can go back we have papers and a safe travel route. But you...that's another matter entirely." Emma tried to put a positive spin on it but Ororo could see that she was trying to make Ororo stand up for her people.
"What do you expect us to do Emma? We have nothing but the clothes on our backs and a few possessions the children brought with them?" Emma nodded, Ororo was getting the idea and it was about time, they couldn't wait for her to grow a spine.
"Did Xavier have any land up here? Anything at all?" Ororo was about to answer when Kitty piped up, "Yes, he did." Ororo looked through the younger woman as if seeing her for the first time, Emma smiled internally, it looked like Ororo would be challenged for her position some day soon. Emma regarded the younger woman and waited for her to continue.
"There's a parcel of land somewhere in British Columbia, he bought it soon after Logan had rescued Rogue from Sabertooth. It was in the files I lifted from his machine, the deed numbers should be on there." She moved to her backpack that was on the floor near the television. Taking out the laptop and discs she'd brought with her, she handed them over to Emma. "Everything is on there." Emma held them for a moment and she passed them back to her, a smile on her lips.
"Cypher, give her a hand, I want the deeds registered under my name and the land deed waiting for us somewhere before we get there." She smiled to Kitty who went with Cypher, Emma's own hacker. Ororo watched the pair leave the tent to get working, her gaze sparking as she looked at Emma.
"I suggest we try to find a route to British Columbia that keeps you off the radar and close enough to the wildnerness just in case." Ororo's gaze softened a little as she realised how much this was costing the woman in front of her. She was endangering her own people in an attempt to help hers, Emma didn't hold grudges she dealt with the problem before it *became* a grudge and she was someone you wanted on your side.
"Thank you." The words echoed through the silence in the tent, rippling around the children who were here to listen and understand the plans that would be outlaid here.

Emma watched the emotion run through Ororo, she really meant that one, she really was thankful of the help. "Sure, you'd have done the same if it had been me needing your help wouldn't you?" Emma's smile didn't reach her eyes and Ororo noticed, the children didn't see the way Ororo flinched at the words. Telling Emma the truth, that if Xaiver hadn't been exposed, that if things hadn't happened the way they had, Ororo would've let the military take everything they were away. Leaving only the photographs of her and her children to be mourned by people who wanted to know the truth, only to disappear like their loved ones in the dark night. If the tables had been turned Emma would have been on her own and Ororo knew it to be truth.

Shaking herself Ororo let the past go, she had to look after the children they had, and there were still others out there that wanted to harm them. She had to get her mind in order, the past was the past and she had to look at now, then tomorrow. Moving closer to Emma Ororo took hold of one of the maps and handed it to her children, "Find a route, one we can travel on, make it a game. Tell them we're doing a sort of 'travelling Hide and Seek', we'll need three routes all near water and outside large urban areas." The teenagers were pale faced but they took more maps and went outside into the sunshine, Emma smiled at her, maybe she'd be a decent leader after all.
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